Tuesday, December 29, 2009

September 24, 2009

I'm sitting on my mommas bed
And I look into our back garden
And I see a squirrel about sixty feet up in the air
Scampering across five branches per second
And I wish with all of my heart that I could do the same
But I am just so light headed
So so so so very light headed right now
And my feet are so heavy
Just so so so very heavy right now
But if I were to be up there with Mr. Squirrel
My disoriented body would surely cause me to fall
The second I arrive at the top
And gravity will drag my heavy feet down the trunk of the tree
while my light head slowly and gracefully glides down the surface of the bark
Until my entire body is implanted in the mulch at the base of the tree.
And slowly but surely, my body will seep into the earth that created me
As my soul slowly floats towards the sky
And as my body sinks into my mother earth
It will be sheltered in her womb of soil
And her fresh water springs, her nebah, 
will fill her impregnated stomach and serve as amniotic fluid
While the roots of her trees will connect to where my belly button once was
And become my umbilical cord, my lifeline.
And I will have paid my debt back to my mama
And returned to her the body which she gave to me.
And as my body seeks its rest
My soul will slowly and every so carefully fly to the boarder of the universe
Where all that exists meets the end of everything tangible
And When It reaches this wall it will join it
Along with every other soul that has ever existed
To create a not so lonely belt of souls at the edge of the universe
And thus I will have finally found the peace that I seek daily.
And I will slowly Await my rebirth.

I am not sure of the date.
I think It all started 
It all ended
It all started
It all. happened.
on September 24, 2009.
But I'm too tired to get up
and look at the calendar 
to check

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