Sunday, February 14, 2010

.........? ( I dont care.)

What are you supposed to do when a family member is anorexic...? There isn't anything you can do. And ive just tried so hard. And its not even worth it anymore. thats a lie. it is worth it. but like. there.... isnt any way to fix it. it just has to heal by itself i guess. i have no clue in hell why im typing this right now. but thats ok. story of my life... and of my drama journal. And im just really bored. right now. and feel weird. as usual. because of this amazing hell of an adventure that is my life. I just dont want to end up like i think most people know (deep down) who im talking about. (subconciously at least). Just like. with. Skye. at the party. i knew. (kind of) who she was talking about. Well I dont want to end up like my person because she isnt going to college next year (most likely) and she is friends with really setchy people. and its weird. and i know i wont be like that. but dont want to ever fail really. 

Right now i kind of just want to be like: Hey Ms. Bauer... can my blog substitue for my drama journal?

But no. i love my journal. and i keep rambling. which is fine. because its my blog anyways. and i dont have any energy. or enough to be poetic. which i dont feel like being. because it can end up being sappy crap so easily with me. which is fine again. because its my blog. once again. I really dislike little grey and alex karev. And I really want indian food because my neighbors are eating some next door and i can smell it. and its torturing me. and they are evil and they know it. And my cousins leaving the states in like.. 3 days. which is really sad. really really sad. and ill really really miss her. and I really dont want to turn my college tour form in. even though it was due on friday. and i just dont want the end of the month to come. i just want it to be summer. when i can wear summer clothes. and do summer things. and im tired. bye.

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