Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I see funny pictures

La la la la la. Im so bored on spring break. I just might have cabin fever, or maybe even jungle fever not really. ahhahahaha. (not really). Drama ensemble letters are stressful for waiting for so is the knowlegde of waiting for the moving. I feel like I am high but I know that I'm not. lalalalla. Things are not right inside of my head yes and Im not sure how to make things better because things are the way that they are and for anyone who can actually make sense of this post i give them applause. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. phebus gets applause. the crowd goes simply wild. Did phoebe slip me something maybe? I think so. lalalala. IGNORE THIS POST. IGNORE ME. 

I will see you all after the insanity wears off. (I dont ever think it will).


  1. psh. what are you going to do. jump through my computer? (you wish you had superpowers that cool).... ( I wish that too)


    ...... (nothings happening). Are you sure youre super powers are working? I think that tuesday is their day off.....)