Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Smile

There are so many times when I feel like I'm actually clinically insane. And its frightening. To think that you are actually crazy. But yet again, I don't think that it is ever possible to be completely sane, and if so, then what is the fun in it? No one is actually sane, and those who are are boring. Life is boring with out a little twist. But sometimes I feel like I'm given too much of one. Life can just be so complicated. I don't understand sometimes. How things can change people. I see it happen all the time. I mean, we all start as nieve (fuck spelling) babies with blank slates, and somehow all end up in completely different places. I'm not afraid of my mind. It's just full of surprises. I never quite know what to expect. The mind is such a scary thing. Take for example, people with multiple personality disorder. Or bipolar, or people who are distructive to themselves. 

I dont know. 

But I do know that I have a body. And that it functions well, and therefore fulfills its purpose as a body. It doesnt matter what it looks like! Its a body! It keeps my blood pumping, and my food digested, and thats all that matters! Bodies are beautiful but beauty is not the purpose of the human body. So be thankful that you at least have a functioning body! Its simply insane

And so am I

See you on the other side

(I have no idea what that means. It actually sounds kind of creepy. But seeing as Im insane,... I dont really care.)

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