Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You and I

My brain works differently then other peoples. And I read differently than other people. Other people can look at the words and absorb them. When I read, I read as if I'm reading out loud, but I do it in my head. Same like when I write. I say it aloud in my head. I don't just... think it. And when I think, its usually in words. Its so strange. And almost no one else does that. Its insane. Am I made wrong? Do I think wrong? And don't you be thinking right now that "there is no wrong way to think". Because thats a lie. There very well could be. Im phsycotic. Maybe this drama ensemble monologue really is perfect for me. Except I'm not a virgin at age thirty. Yet again... I'm not thirty yet. I hope I'm married by then. How am I supposed to cry in front of coach? How can I be Juliet and make it interesting for coach to watch. I need to be new. Not old. And I have to be real. Not fake. How am I supposed to be real when I havn't lost a Romeo. I need so many answers. How does acting work. How is it real and fresh. Because it can be real. Its not pretend. Its not just words. Its real. Its realer than life itself when done right. And I want to do it right. 

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  1. I read/think like that too! Wooo! -Fitzy :)