Sunday, June 20, 2010


I was scared to write this post before, because I knew that people read it and judge me, but then I realized that this is my blog, and I should be able to write what ever I want to on it with out caring about who is reading this or what it means. 
I just wanted to make this post because I have been really proud of myself and my accomplishments this year, and what they could possibly mean for me. Ninth grade was really hard on me, and I thought that I would never recover (as the student that I was), but this year, I really got my act together. Second semester I got straight As, I'm going to take 3 AP classes next year and two honors, I'm going to be in Drama Ensemble, and I feel like I have finally found to secret to being the person that I want to be. The successful Zena, who gets what she wants by working toward her goals. 

Finding said "secret" or "key" took me a long time, but honestly, what I did was just revert back to 7th grade mode. In seventh grade I was so happy, and had such a thirst for knowledge. I got up every morning to look pretty for school, and ate breakfast, and actually took care of my self. So that is what I did. I started eating healthy, taking care of my body and mind, I started sleeping more, I was excited to go to school every morning. I walked into classes knowing everything I needed to know, and it worked. I got above a 95% on a majority of the tests that I took. So I have kept taking care of myself. I now see how important it is that I don't let myself go. 

I started SAT/ACT (depending on which one I choose to take) tutoring, and I did amazingly well on some portions of both. (meaning not english......). But now I have to chose which one to take. I did so well on the SAT math, but I did really well on the ACT science and reading comp. All I can think about right now is how much I want to get into Penn and go there, and study there, and I just want to make the right decisions that will get me there. I hope to God that I can get into one of the top schools of my choice. 

This summer I am so excited to be working with Skye and taking my arabic class and going on the Asthma bus. I am so excited to actually get down and work. Getting into stuff that I am so interested in and actually getting to skink my teeth into it. It is going to be so much fun and so interesting. I am also excited to live at Phoebes house. Which I am secretly planning to do. because I like her.

I feel like this post could just go on and on and on about my scholarly anxieties. But I think I will end it here. I have so much to prove, and I can't wait to get up there and show people what I'm made of.

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