Sunday, October 24, 2010

I have so much. Just so much in my body.

It feels like christmas. I want it to be winter and christmas and shopping and cookies and books and cookies and sweats and knit sweaters and boots and tea and pie. I want it to be. I already feel it and its not even halloween yet. 

I want my time. I want days where I am not immersed in school. I want days in winter to watch Friends and 30 Rock and Gilmore Girls. I want more tea. I want candy canes. I want socks. I want sweater dresses. I want scarves.

I want Schuyler and Phoebe and Jamie and Catherine and Newby and Everyone and winterfest. I want my sunday morning John O'Groats and movie with Newby. I want pajamas. I want to walk. I want to work in the shop and use power tools and eat chocolate. I want to do strike. I want to do our show, but only sort of. I want to do History Boys and not be type cast. I want to do that show so badly.

I want to eat pumpkin bread and apples and caramel and eat amazing food and just be in the moment. I want to do a plastique. I havnt done one in so long. too long. that was really important.

I want everything and nothing. I dont think i like wanting.

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