Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hello my lovelies.

So... I'm just going to write about stuff in my life, because thats why we're all here...

Winter break. Woooooo! I love being a couple (and no, not a romantic couple... though... lets face it... we should be. and kind of are married). I love us baking cookies and staying up watching tv and being the same person but not and spooning. Because that is fun. 

So I went and saw the Tempest and the Landmark yesterday and it was really really good. It was really interesting to see Shakespeare's progression as a play write. The Tempest was his last play, and you could really see so many traces from all of his other work into it. I liked the film. I liked the actors. It was good. Just not... completely, 100%, meat eating, satisfying.

My cousin is coming from Lebanon tomorrow! Her name is Hena. I love her. I miss my people. I never ever get so see my people. My other cousin, Hiba (her sister), is coming in January for a few weeks so I'm also really excited for that. Its nice to have people.

Lots of reading. That is what is going to happen these two weeks. I have a bunch of stuff lined up that I'm really excited about. I also have to write my Guerin Scholar paper. I think I know who I'm going to write about... this is so exciting!

I am currently knitting (no I'm not.... I'm typing...) in my blanket watching Grey's and its raining and I just ate a bunch of Christmas cookies that I made earlier today with my wife. Life is good. Its nice to have that.

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