Sunday, December 19, 2010


Yesterday I recovered a journal from 3rd grade. I was 9 years old. I thought I would post some of the entries as the are written in the journal. I could not stop laughing after I read them.

Dear Diery, 

Today we painted the house for moving, or should I say startid painting! The painters are going to come back tomorrow. I  am going to move from St. Louis MO to LA CAlaferya. I dont want to move away from all my frinds. 
- 5/13/03

Dear Diery, 

Today we really started to paint. Yesterday we just put on plaster. Mr. Wilis is our gardaner. He will make our gardin butiful so it will be more atractive. We planted lot of patunys. Their colors where purple, red, and pink. We also planted little lowers. There colors were pink, and white. Will my life be diffrent i LA? Will I have a new ruteen and invierment? Will I make friends right away? I have so many questions in life, some of them are about moving. I only wish I new all the ansers.
- 5/14/03

Dear Diery,

I am sooooooooooo sorry that I havint rote in you for a long time. I am on vacation to LA. We have a house it is soooo cool. I have my own room, bathroom, and a walk in closit! My room is the bigist, well not really. You see there are only 3 bed rooms. the master then the 2 bed rooms. Mine is bigger then my sisters, but she also gets a bathroom, but not a walkin closet. I reallyyyyyy like my room. LA is really funn and cool. We ar in the Dubble Tree Hotel. This is there simble. I will draw it the best I can. (insert awful picture of two trees) The school I am going to is west wood charter. I have only seen the ourside of it. School ends on June 19th and starts on Sept. 2. I am righting with a monky pen this is what it looks like (insert awful picture of a monkey).
- 6/18/03

There are no typos in these entries. That is how I spelled in 3rd grade. If you know me now.... it makes my awful spelling look good. At least I can spell the word monkey now... I hope this was happy for you all to read.

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