Saturday, December 11, 2010


  These past weeks I have learned how much stress affects my body. I never noticed before but it is ridiculous. Not only does my period come during the most heavily stress-filled days of the year (and skips around my cycle like mad) (It came during chicago, then on the night of open studio, lasting though my ACT and exams) (lovely), but it also causes me to break out, and I lose weight. On my period I lose weight because of all my stress. You are not supposed to lose weight on your period! You are supposed to gain 3 pounds! I lost 5 pounds! Five freaking pounds. On my period. How does that work???? I hate hate this. I hate that my body as to synchronize with all of the stress around me. It just makes everything worse and so unpleasant and makes me want to die. (not really. but kind of yes really...). I want this to go jump off a cliff, far far away. now. thank you.

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