Saturday, February 19, 2011

This post is long overdue, so I apologize in advance for its length. So much to say... Where to start?

A few weeks ago, my class went on a "kindness retreat" because according to the rest of the school, our grade is made up of bitches and we all hate each other. (This, in fact, is not the case. Apart from a group of ten girls, our grade is pretty friendly). The retreat was actually fun and those ten girls were civil. I was impressed. There we all set up little "mail boxes" and we all wrote each other cute little nice notes. I got so so many kind ones and I simply adore every person who gave me one and brightened my day. My favorites included my best friend writing me Hair and Rent lyrics and three incredibly thoughtful notes reading:

- You are such a genuinely sweet person. I've only ever heard you say nice and friendly things. I cant help but smile when I see you! (Written by a wonderful girl that I never get to talk to and don't know too well)

- You are perfect, really. You're smart, talented, beautiful, funny, and 100% original. You're my best friend, no matter what. Know that your conviction and sense of self make me want to be a better person. (this not made me more happy than I can say. I love the girl who wrote this and her amazingly sweet note left me smiling all day. I love her all the more for this note).

- You are a great actress, I love your voice. Remember us when you're a star :) (This note was sent anonymously and was the best surprise in my bag of kindness)

Secondly, if anything has taken over my life in the past few weeks, it has been thinking about college. Oh I have so many schools on my list! (Half of which I most likely will not get into, seeing as it is nearly impossible to do so. I don't mind though. I adore my safety schools and therefore don't see the need to apply to more likely schools that I only half like (instead of very difficult schools that I love as much as I love my safeties). I would rather get into one GREAT school than five okay schools. I still have a lot of narrowing down to do seeing as my list has 21 schools on it... Oh college....

Today I had an amazing day. It was actually great. (Sorry this post is jumping around so much). I woke up early and went to breakfast at John O' Groats (always great). It is such a nice homey place. I always see someone I know there. My favorite breakfast place by far. Today I saw two of my friends' dads having breakfast there together... interesting. There are a bunch of tables there, as well as a counter (basically in the form of a bar with stools). I love sitting at the bar, and since I was alone it made perfect sense to. I ended up seated in between two men. The first one was pretty chatty with me.. As I sat down, he saw the giant college book I was holding and talked to me for 10 minutes straight about schools, his children, his wife, his niece, and more schools. He was interesting.. However, my favorite interaction that morning occurred between the second man and myself. After the first man left, the second man peered over his newspaper and said in a very high pitched, mocking voice, "So you want to talk about colleges? No, the girl doesn't want to talk about colleges. She is eating her biscuit and that's all that matters to her". He was too right, seeing as John O'Groats biscuits are to. die. for. I then went and saw Barney's Version which was a good, entertaining movie (aside from a few slow parts). I then went home and had dinner with some family friends (a man my dad went to high school with, his wife, and their two children of ages 3 and 1). The children were adorable! His wife, as most Lebanese women are, is shallow, loud, and talks nonstop. However, she is nice enough and is quite thoughtful. I then proceeded to walk with my dad for an hour and a bit in the rain. I am now on tumblr and watching Criminal Minds. A good close to a good day. :)

If you actually read all of this, I am impressed. You get major Zena points (which may prove to be quite valuable..). You are awesome, oh beautiful, dedicated reader.

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