Sunday, May 16, 2010

I think its time.

I am so tired of moping. I am so ready to be happy and summery. I'm just ready. I want to be happy! And alive! And you know what, get ready because I am determined to be. I am going to rock out to life and just be awesome, so try to stop me! I am so tired of just sitting around and feeling sorry and sad because, that is so not healthy for me right now. I need to be up and awake and alert and just soak up life (and the sun.. but thats a different story). So get ready world. I'm just ready. So unbelievably ready. Just you try to come and and get me. 

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Book Theif

Dear Middle School Play girls, 

I feel inclined to publish a post about the middle school play. In short, it was fantastic, and left me sobbing. All of the acting, all of the emotion was so real, which can be difficult to achieve. Girls, you were simply fantastic. You are all so beautiful, amazing, and talented. Every one of you. You should all be immensely proud of yourselves and your work. I am so happy that I could be involved in the show (all of your hair looked fantastic ladies), and I'm so happy I got the chance to get to know most of you. When walking into the theater I never would have guessed how amazing your production was. I can not wait for all school and to be able to work with some of you guys. I am so excited to see it again tonight and see you guys work your magic. 

So much love,