Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hey guys. Just a little update on the goings on of my spectacularly interesting life. I'm not quire sure how long this post is going to be.... my computer only has 14% battery, and I'm too lazy to go get my "charger" (other wise known by the correct name of "power supply"), so I guess I'm typing until my computer decides to ditch me. 

Ok. So first thing's first. I am so sad that my Arabic class is over. It was just so much fun, and after it, I feel so connected to my culture and to who I am. I am so thankful that I get to feel that. I feel so complete. I have no idea why, but I just do, and its beautiful. If you walk down the street and ask someone what their race or ethnicity is, most will say: "I'm part Irish, part Scottish, part British, part German, and part Welch". Others will say: "Oh, I'm African American". But the thing is, they were European or African about 10 generations ago. Most of them have no ties to their old countries, speak their language, or practice their culture. Instead, they are simply American, no matter how much they hate to admit it. This is different for me. If you ask my my ethnicity, I can truly say that I am Lebanese. I have Lebanese citizenship, all of my family lives there, I visit on a regular basis, I am Muslim, I speak the language, and I have extreme political opinions about the goings on there. I really am Arab, and sometimes that can be very difficult, but I really view it as a blessing. I get to be Arab. I am lucky enough to be Arab, and I honestly could not dream of a better ethnicity to be. I adore being Arab, even though it can be really difficult living in America. If anything, American is only getting more anti-Islamic and anti-Arab. Also politically, I tend to disagree with all my friends. I side with Iraq on the subject of the war against terror, I side with Afghanistan, I side with Palestine, I've been boycotting Starbucks, Coca Cola, McDonalds, and Colgate for what they're doing in the Middle East. 

Anyways, on a different, lighter note, I am looking forward to so many great things coming up soon!!

A) Ramadan! Ramadan starts on the 11th of August this year, and ends September 10th. (Thank goodness it doesn't end September 11th, or else America would be covered with Muslims partying on September 11th..... Not a great idea). I am so excited!! The good news is that only 8 days of Ramadan fall during school (the first 8 days), so I won't have to fast too much during school which is good. The bad thing is that it will be during auditions for the all school musical... Another good thing is that I'm on my period now, which means that I most likely will be during the first week of school as well, meaning I don't have to fast then, so thats good. 

B) SCHUYLER!! It was your birthday yesterday!! And today it's your party! And I love you so much!! And I'm so excited that we basically have all of our classes together next year! You are one of my best friends ever and I would do anything for you. I love you so much. I love that you get me, and (not to quote rent..) "take me for what I am".  Love you girl.

C) And.... C is for ....... CHICAGO!!!!!! I can't even believe it!!! We are doing Chicago!! Chicago!! I can't even believe it!!! I am so excited!!!!! This is so crazy. I am in love with this show! It is one of my favorites, and I get to be in it! I GET TO BE IN IT! I also love that our Theater teachers listened to us when we begged to do it. They listened! They wanted to make us happy and made us happy! We are all so excited and we're all flipping out!!!! I am so so exciteded!!! I would be happy with ANY part in that show. Thats how good it is. Of course I'm dying to be in the cell block tango. Of course I'm dying even more to be Velma.... I can belt like no one's buisness, and I love belting more than anything, and to be able to belt my heart out on stage would be amazing. I also dance, and I feel like her part would be the most fun. I'm already praying to get her, but anything would be so amazing, that I wouldn't even be sad not to get her because I'm so excited about this show. Plus Ms. Bauer, Coach, Mr. Bro, and Ms. Iacuessa always cast everything perfectly, so I trust them 100%.

I also had oral surgery yesterday, and I now look like a chipmunk, which is always fun. It is so painful, but I don't even care because I am lucky enough to do Chicago in a month!!!!!!!!! Heck yes!

Also, (lastly) shout out to Johnny. Have so much fun in Scotland and break a leg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure you will kick major ass.

Friday, July 23, 2010

A Few Things

Hey guys. Just a quick update. So first of all, the music video that my arabic class made is done!!! I'm so proud of our effort and work as a class. We only have three days left, and I'm going to miss it so so so much. 

Secondly, W.I.T.T.Y. LA is off to an amazing start. We've had a few rehearsals so far, which have all been very successful. We also got our website up and running (though there is still so much that needs to be added to it). Please check it out at:

Thanks guys!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Last night I dreamed that my dad died, and I kept his body. I kept his body. And the doctor was there, and I was Rose, but me, at the same time. And the Doctor left me, because he had died too, but left me with a piece of the tardis. In the end he came back, only to discover that I saved my dads body. And then we shot some aliens.

pretty wonky dream....

And why has the Doctor been in every one of my dreams this week?! I have been shooting aliens like you would not believe!

Friday, July 9, 2010

I have no idea what it is with me and the world cup songs. I just love them! They all are so positive, uplifting, and filled with energy. I think that the world cup is amazing. It really brings the whole world together more than the olympics (or apart in some cases - Egypt and Algeria…). I love all of the spirit that I’ve been seeing. Its just amazing.

This particular song is in arabic and english. The arabic singer is Nancy Ajram, who is simply amazing. My arabic class is making a music video to this song that I’m really excited about. I’ll make sure to post it once we finish it. It’s all about unity and peace within nations (we’re doing arab nations), and pride for one’s country.

I absolutely love this song and video. No idea why. Its just great.

The Little Checkered Room

Right off of the side of a little girl’s room, there is a little white door. It is strangely smaller than all of the other doors in her house. When they first moved in, her parents told her that the small door was made especially for her. It would be a special room, for her use only. No one else would be able to enter, no matter how much they wanted to; only the little girl was small enough to fit through the door. Not a soul has witnessed the inside of this little room, other than the girl, and according to her, it is simply magical.

The curiously little white door leads to a little room, a little checkered room to be more precise. A little checkered room, where the floors are covered with little black and white squares, which like to dance on occasion, when the sun shines through the window and they think no one is looking. And inside of this little checkered room, there is a little black sink, which sits upon a little black cupboard. The sink and the cupboard are said to be the best of friends, and from time to time, can be caught chattering quietly and laughing to themselves. Beside the two friends rests a little black toilet. Across from the little black toilet there is a little pink shower, lined with little black tiles. The black toilet is quite the gossiper, and claims that the reason that the shower is so pink is that she is always blushing from embarrassment, though the cause of the embarrassment, he does not know. And next to the little pink shower, there is a little white bathtub. And inside of that little, perfectly molded white bathtub sits the little girl, singing.

This little girl, who is sitting in her little bathtub, does not use bathrooms traditionally. She is not bathing nor is she soaking in the water, in fact, there is no water running in the room at all (and there rarely ever is). The only sound that can be heard is the little girl’s quiet voice, singing a melody she heard on the television that day from a jingle advertising cotton balls. The little girl spends hours on end in her checkered room. Most of the time she is singing little songs that she heard on the radio to herself in the little mirror that stands above the little black sink. Other times she can be found taking naps on the fuzzy little black carpet that lies at the foot of the little black cupboard. The fuzzy little black carpet fits her tiny body perfectly on its soft surface, as if it was manufactured just for her. Occasionally she brushes her long curly black hair in the little mirror above the little black sink.

When she gets tired of her solitude, and starts to feel lonely, the little girl sits down on the little black cupboard and talks to her friend in the little mirror. Her friend is quite silent, but to the girl, she seems nice enough. At times the girl gets a bit annoyed with her friend, for she is constantly mimicking her and copying her hair styles. But regardless of her flaws, the girl loves her friend, for she always listens to what the girl has to say. It is comforting to know that there will always be someone there for her in her magical room, and that she does not always have to sit alone. The face in the mirror is the closest thing to a friend that the girl has ever known.

On rainy days, the girl takes a little warm blanket into her little checkered room, and sits in the little white bathtub, and simply thinks. She thinks of her wishes and goals, her dreams and her life, her aspirations, until the rain stops. And when the rain stops, the little girl walks up to the little black toilet, and pulls away the little white curtain that has been hiding her from the big green tress outside. She opens the little white window, and lets the smell of the big grey clouds flood into the room along with a big gust of wind. She knows it is time to go. She opens the little white door, and steps into her big beige room, sits at her big brown desk, and returns to her life, no longer a little girl, but a young woman.