Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Don't Care Enough To Think Of a Title

So. When I was little. well. not that little. like. 5 years ago? I read this book called Saffy's Angle. And I know that it was a real book. I'm not imagining it. But I can't find it anywhere in my house and I KNOW that I read it. And most people would have just said it was ok. or whatever. but it wasnt. it was amazing. because saffy had her stone angle. I dont know why. but for some reason I just really want that book back. But there are sooo many books that I want back. Like Harry Potter 3. which my dad tore up and recycled because he was so mad that we were only reading it and nothing else. He threw the fifth in the recycling too. But i fished it out later. 

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