Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm not quite sure what to call it. So..... you can choose?

I have no idea what to write my drama ensemble essay on. I kind of just want to write it on how i have no idea what to write about. The two quotes are the exact same plus or minus a few words. And I have no idea what I am going to do about it............. monologue party anyone?

And as much as i love ms. sjoberg, i kind of want her to jump off a cliff.

For the warm up circle. I always get really frustrated because we ALWAYS do the ABC thing. which then takes over our tempo and our experimentation and our duration. and i always try to go longer or faster or just not do them. but everrrrryyyyoneeeee else does. which is so frustrating. just like with the "HO"s. always the same tempo. can we not play???? i dont want everrry dayyy to be the same. one day i should just go up to bauer and say: i dont want to do the warm up circle today. sorry. its part of my work. but i dont have the guts to. i just realized that i gave her the link to this. and thats alright. its a risk that im taking. so what. let it be. i dont think she reads this much. thats ok. shes a busy woman. I feel strange blogging about her now. i think im going to stopppp.

today everything came out in the open. for better or for worse im not sure. it was weird though. not good or bad. just weird. i dont think anyone really knows what to think of it. at all. thats ok too. possibly. i just hope nothing else erupts from it. theres already been too much going on for my taste. hopefully the worst part is over. and we can move on. to drama ensemble auditions. and evil mr. gwaltney. who can probably easily access this blog. but that would just be weird. hes only evil because his project is due the same day as drama ensemble packets are due. scary. that would be really weird if he was reading this. but he shares my google docs... and can access this page from my google profile i think...... not a good idea. but only therine would be such a stalker. i hope. i should really go finish kiffe kiffe demain. that needs to happen now. immediately. ok. this was an... interesting post.......

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