Monday, April 26, 2010


16? really? crazy........

My mom is the sweetest thing. I got home, and there was a little box out side of my room with a beautiful little pearl necklace that I vow to wear on my wedding day, if i get married. and then i walked into the kitchen, and she baked me a cake, and laid out a bunch of chocolate and made me dinner. she is so sweet it makes me want to cry.

Also, my old neighbors from St. Louis gave me a kick ass history of theater book. im suck a geek, i know.

shout out to:
- Jamie: awesome and delish rainbow cupcakes. thanks baby girl!!
- skye: for decorating my not top locker. love ya
- therine: the tots, and the awesome amazing card
- doug: ... the texas song
- phoebe: for amelia airfart comments on my wall and for being you
- newby and nette for many birthday wishes
- finn lohman: chicago!

thanks guys. you rock my world.

i think im going to go eat some cake right now... and do my bio lab... and revise an essay.


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