Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Reality Check?

You never see it. You just turn around one day, and there it is, boom! in your face, right there, where its always been. You just never saw. And then everything starts to change. At first slowly, then faster, and faster until you get lost in the blur, and you can't hide who you are anymore. 

Here I Am World. This Is Me. 

Its amusing, observing myself. I am so shallow and spacey. I never concentrate, I do as little work as possible to get by, and the only thing that I really care about is myself and my happiness. Its just so funny, because I always make such big deals out of things that aren't. I kind of want to move to the woods. Just so that I can see how many days I survive alone without any resources. I would probably get eaten by a bear. Hah. 

What the bear doesn't know is that the joke's on him. I don't have too much meat on my bones. 

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