Sunday, April 18, 2010

A bunch of random shit

So basically, last night I had the most amazing dream of my life. My school, went on a trip to all over africa, india, and china for two weeks, stayed in nice hotels, but really explored the city, not just the nice parts, and it was amazing. In my life, I don't want to stay here. I want to leave and travel all over the globe. I really wish my dad had decided to move to lebanon this year, instead of staying here. Life should be an adventure thats not planned out, but culture has already planned out my future: go to college, go to medschool, get my medical internship, residency, fellowship, then actually become a doctor, then be a doctor and save lives. DONE. That is like.... what... 15 years of my life? I dont want to waste those. I want to take a year off sometime, just being somewhere else. Not studying abroad, but just being abroad. Being anywhere else but here. Ive revised my XD bucket list:

- Every year travel to two different continents
- Have a baby
- Live for a year by yourself in a foreign city that does not speak english
- Live for a year in a foreign city with my baby
- Fall in love
- Write a genuinely good book
- Be in one professional play
- Eat real chinese food from china
- Visit schuyler in china
- Actually live in lebanon
- Learn to cook amazing lebanese food from my grandmother before she dies (that wont be soon, but you never know)
- Visit every continent before I'm thirty
- Make life an adventure, every day

Note how get married was not on that list. I don't want to be too tied down. I don't know if I want to get married anymore. Only if I find someone who, just being around them, makes me want to fuse my life with theirs, will I ever get married. Right now, Im not sure that I want something that will last forever. At the same time.. im not going to make major life decisions at this moment. 

24 hour play festival. I really have no words. It was fun.... besides all of the.... not fun things...that  happened? Most valuable thing I learned? I am kick ass at stacking tennis balls on peoples hands. I mean, it was fun performing... but the process was not the most amazing experience of my life. It could have been a bit better. Thank God Lyric is so supah chill and let us sleep.

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