Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 2

Of course my today was not better than yesterday. However, I did get a good 8 1/2 hours of sleep which was lovely. My day wasn't actually that bad, it was just a drag. French took over my life as usual and made me want to kill myself (not actually.. but a little bit). I have so much to do in these next few weeks its not even funny. I have to learn my duet with Jamie, Chamber Choir auditions, extended essay, French (we're taking a practice AP exam).... preparing Drama Ensemble auditions, our Drama Ensemble show (History Boys), and normal school.

Something good though: in 24 days I will be in Turkey and in 27 I will be in Lebanon!!! Finally. Oh I miss Lebanon so much. We haven't been there in a few years because of the situation. I cannot wait to see my family. I miss them so much. I miss that city. I miss the way it smells. I miss having everyone ever there. Everyone of my cousins (I have over 45..), everyone of my aunts and uncles. My grandmother's cooking. I miss so much. I cannot wait. I will finally get to escape from this room. Thank you.

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