Monday, March 21, 2011

Five days until I get to board a plane and go to my home, far, far away. Four days until spring break. I am so ready for two weeks of peace. No school, no work, lots of sleep, no tests, lots of books, more tv than I could ask for, and escape. Sounds amazing to me.

I started watching the tv show Merlin. One of the best decisions I have made all week. The structure of the show reminds me of that of Dr. Who in the sense that each episode has a problem to solve, a new villain to stop, and mythical/magical aspects to it. Such a good show (although I am only on the 5th episode.

We had strike today. I adore strike more than I can say. It is one of my favorite parts of every show I do. I love tech and there is something so cathartic about ripping apart what you took weeks to build. I'm quite good with power tools/anything technical because I do so much of it, so our technical director let me do whatever I wanted and I got to handle some of the more enjoyable "heavy duty" work. How I Met Your Mother is on tonight and I have no homework. It's turning out to be a good day.

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  1. 2 week long spring break :o Jealous! I just got off one week of break, I shouldn't complain :p Heard good things about Merlin. Aaah strike :p Fond memories, in general.